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I will publish my own courses in the future on Python, data structures and algorithms, Solidity and decentralized apps, and more. Here is a list of books and courses that I recommend to learn more about the technologies we have discussed in the book.

Programming languages
Writing good code
Other technologies
Data structures, algorithms and FAANG technical preparation
Introduction to Algorithms

This book has everything you may need – and much more. Focus on the topics I have listed in Part 3. Everything else is nice to know but the chances of it coming up in an interview are slim to none. However, I didn’t want to fail my interview because I didn’t spend a couple of hours studying some sections of this book in detail, so I ended up learning about 90% of the book.

The Algorithm Design Manual

This is a fun book by Steven Skiena. Very practical. It contains plenty of exercises and “war stories” where he shares experiences implementing the algorithms. There is also a catalog of the common problems that arise in practice and how to tackle them.

Cracking the Coding Interview.

I did not start here though. I only completed the problems in the last 2 sections (medium and hard), after I finished the next book.

Elements of Programming Interviews

This is an excellent book. I keep coming back to it before every interview. The questions are hard, so you will be very well prepared. There are C++Python, and Java versions. Most of the questions I have seen in interviews were similar or at the same level of difficulty as the questions you will find in this book.

Online presence
  • The Phoenix project. A novel about IT and DevOps. I saw myself in many of the situations described in this novel. A fun read.