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Coding Challenges: How to Solve Them

Here you are going to see how to approach coding challenges like a pro and nail your next technical interview! Preface I wrote down everything

UXTO and Account Based Blockchains

UTXO and Account-Based Blockchains

UTXO vs Account-Based Blockchains Introduction Bitcoin and Ethereum differ in many ways. In this article, I will cover one of their differences: the way they

Career Cloud Coding interviews

How to Become a Certified Kubernetes Application Developer

This guide is a summary of my study notes for the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) exam that I recently passed. Even if you’re not

Blockchain Coding interviews

Bloom Filters and Bitcoin

Bloom filters are a data structure developed by Burton Howard Bloom in 1970. You can see them as a hash tables’ cousin. They also allow

Merkle trees an d bitcoin
Blockchain Career

Merkle Trees and Bitcoin

Merkle trees, also known as binary hash trees, are a type of binary tree. They can be used to efficiently verify the integrity of large

Hard Dynamic Programming problems
Career Coding interviews

6 Hard Dynamic Programming Problems Made Easy

In this article, I gave you an introduction to Dynamic Programming with several examples. Here I will solve 6 harder Dynamic Programming problems to show